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Frequently Asked Question

Although classical music is linked to more intelligence, studies show that this is temporary. No existing evidence indicates that kids and adults become smarter by simply listening to classical music. However, prolonged listening may have some positive effects.

Classical music has a calming effect, which in turn triggers release of dopamine into your bloodstream. This hormone lowers stress hormones in your blood, leading to improved mood and clarified thoughts. This is helpful in essay writing and makes studying more enjoyable.

Classical music has lots of physiological benefits, including reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels in your system. It also triggers release of the feel-good hormones, dopamine and endorphins, from your brain into the bloodstream.  This reduces stress and relaxes both the mind and body.

Music is powerful and so are its effects and influence on humans. It can build task endurance, improve memory, lower depression and anxiety, improve your mood, and fight fatigue. It also boosts work out and enhances pain response.

Music is an emotional language that represents various feelings, barging into your soul without limits or boundaries. Music can mimic emotions and make you understand what you’re probably going through in life.