About Us


SBCO is a not-for-profit organization that creates awareness on the importance of maintaining Chamber Orchestra that produces the finest music. Founded over a decade ago, we’re a team of music lovers who’re appreciate classical music.

We’ve benefited first-hand from classical music and other forms of music, and would like you to have the same experience. We advocate for Chamber Orchestra to be maintained and preserved for the future generation to also gain from its range of benefits.

We create awareness on the benefits of Chamber Orchestra and music in general to ensure that more people worldwide can benefit from listening to their favorite songs. Music is beneficial for both kids and adults alike. Therefore, both the young and the old will find SBCO useful.

We’re your go-to platform for information and inspiration about listening to music and the need to preserve Chamber Orchestra.


The mission of SBCO is to create awareness on Chamber Orchestra and the need to maintain and preserve it. We spread information awareness on the importance of music.


Our aim is to become a leading information platform on Chamber Orchestra and its range of benefits. We’re looking forward to leading worldwide in offering all the information you may need about the Chamber orchestra.

What We Do

Music plays an essential role in the lives of humans. All kinds of cultures, primitive to advanced ones, create music. Music has been in existence throughout history and is part of individuals’ lives. We love to sing and hum songs, clap and sway alongside tunes and dance to favorite beats.

The nervous system and brain can differentiate noise from music, responding to repetition, tunes, tones and rhythm, accordingly. Music supports relaxation and brain function, atop being a major form of entertainment.

Studies show that music can improve your health and performance. Classical music calms, relaxes and heals with positive effects on human psyche. The calming effect of music reduces stress and improves your mood. This explains the essence of relaxing to your favorite music after a stressful day at work.

Music is also popular for its Mozart Effect. It relaxes and calms babies, atop making them smarter. When relaxed, you’re able to tackle questions and tests in confidence. Music reduces anxiety, nervousness and heart rate, improving performance.


The Mozart Effect also improves memory retention and focus on ongoing tasks if you listen to music while working or studying. The soothing and relaxing effect of music impacts the brain positively for faster and better sleep.

The meditative nature of music improves your emotional and empathetic health. This translates to the health of your mind and body. The luxurious sounds and sensations of music, when paired with bathing gives an indulging experience. Music creates the perfect ambience for different atmospheres.

At SBCO, we under know and understand the role music plays in your life. We’re fully aware of the importance of Chamber Orchestra that produces the finest music. Therefore, we create awareness to help maintain this type of music for its range of benefits.

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