Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra

Planned Giving Opportunities


  • Defer gifts until after your lifetime
  • Designate a charity for a specific amount, percentage, or share of the residual after other obligations are covered
  • Exempt from federal estate tax

Appreciated Stock

  • Avoid capital gains tax
  • Immediate charitable deduction of full market value

Charitable Gift Annuity

  • Supplement your income with steady payments for life, immune to market fluctuations
  • Current and future savings on income taxes

IRA Donation Options

  • Rules in flux, but may permit certain donors to make tax-free charitable gifts directly from their IRAs or, otherwise provide incentives from designating a charity as beneficiary

Life Insurance

  • Substantial gift at little cost
  • Contribute a policy you no longer need or name a charity as beneficiary of all or part of a policy
  • Current income tax deduction
  • Possible future deductions

Charitable Remainder Trusts, Deferred Gift Annuities
Benefits vary, but may include:

  • Supplemental income with steady payments for life
  • Deferral of capital gains
  • Current and future savings on taxes
  • Reduced gift and estate taxes

Charitable Lead Trusts

  • Income paid to a charity for a specific term, principal retained for heirs
  • Deferral of capital gains

For further information, please call the SBCO Office at (805) 966-2441.

Thank you!

Legacy League

The Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra is preparing to launch the Legacy League. The new League will be part of a larger endowment campaign that will happen over the next few years. As a member of the League you will have the opportunity to secure the future of the Chamber Orchestra. Components of the campaign will consist of planned giving, bequests, monetary gifts, and collections such as artwork. 

Get Involved and Keep the Music Playing!


The Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra depends more upon donations from individuals than any other source of income. Ticket sales alone do not cover the wonderful music provided by Maestro Ohyama and our world-class musicians. Please join us and help support this local treasure by calling: 966-2441.


The Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra relies on its Volunteers to help create an unforgetable experience for our patrons. If you would like to help craft that unique musical experience, please contact us.