Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra

Family Education Program

The Free Concert Seats for Families program, which began in 2007, provides students (ages 8 to 18) from any financial background an opportunity to attend any of our Lobero series concerts with their parents/guardians for FREE! This is a unique program, in that it offers young people the thrilling experience of attending a live classical performance with their family in a real concert-going atmosphere. Where some programs only hold separate concerts for youth audiences, our program educates students about music, as well as concert etiquette, in a professional performance setting.

Sponsors for Free Concert Seats for Families Program:

Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, Williams-Corbett Foundation, Santa Barbara Rotary Charitable Foundation, Santa Barbara Community Bank, American Riviera Bank.

"Classical music is so much more fun and exciting when it's live!" - Caroline, 10th grader

"Thanks for offering this to families. It really is a treat and it inspires our kids to learn & enjoy instruments and the beauty of playing concerts together. It's heavenly!" - Holly E.

"My sons and I love attending the concerts. Thank you for the opportunity!" - Beatrice B.

"My kids loved it! Especially Mozart and Beethoven, two classics! Thanks again!" - Nancy B.

"Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Our kids are very appreciative." 
- Andrea H.

"Thank you for this opportunity. As a single mother, I really appreciate the chance to expose my daughter to music in this form! We received tickets for Peter and the Wolf and we loved it!" - Ana L.

"Thanks again for hosting this wonderful program! The children enjoyed it so much and can't wait to go again!" - Deena S.

Concert Etiquette Tips

What should I wear?

You will see anything from business casual to formal evening attire at one of our concerts. You should wear what you feel comfortable in, but try to avoid wearing clothing with holes, rips, or tears.

When should I arrive?

All of our shows start at 7:30pm. It is always good to arrive at least 30 minutes early. This gives you enough time to park, get your tickets, explore the theater, mingle with other guests, and then find your seats. Remember that you need to pick up your tickets before 7:20pm. After 7:20pm, we can no longer guarantee the tickets.

Where do I pick up my tickets?

Your tickets will be at the Lobero Theatre Box Office. They will be under the name of the person who reserved them.

Can I bring my cell phone or camera?

You may bring your cell phone or pager into the theater, but please make sure that it is either OFF or SILENCED. Picture taking during the performance is strictly PROHIBITED.

How will I know when to clap?

Sometimes it can be a little confusing knowing when to clap during a classical concert. It is traditional to clap only at the ends of entire works. Some pieces like symphonies and concertos have multiple parts called "movements" usually with pauses in between. These movements are indicated in your program, which allows you to follow along. You should wait until all of the movements have been played and then clap. If you are in doubt, just clap when the rest of the audience does!

Get Involved and Keep the Music Playing!


The Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra depends more upon donations from individuals than any other source of income. Ticket sales alone do not cover the wonderful music provided by Maestro Ohyama and our world-class musicians. Please join us and help support this local treasure by calling: 966-2441.


The Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra relies on its Volunteers to help create an unforgetable experience for our patrons. If you would like to help craft that unique musical experience, please contact us.