Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra

Viola, Principal: Erik Rynearson


Native of Southern California, Erik Rynearson has been performing music since the age of three.  He has been first call substitute with the Detroit and Phoenix symphonies and has valued that relationship with his playmates in the Los Angeles Philharmonic and L.A. Chamber Orchestra.  As a member, Erik can be seen smiling on stage as principal violist of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Santa Barbara’s Symphony and Chamber Orchestra, and as a contributor to the sections of the Pacific and Long Beach symphonies.  He has also been featured, on occasion, as solo horn player in his car.  Musically, Rynearson devoured Haydn, Prokofiev, Brubeck and Beethoven in childhood and currently hungers for the sounds of Berg, James Brown, Berlioz, Daft Punk, Led Zeppelin and Cage.  He owes his musical preparedness to his teachers including his father Paul, Miwako Watanabe, Henryk Kowalski, Franco Gulli and Alan deVeritch.

Erik can be hard to find when off-stage, hiking mountains or slicing submerged as a swimmer.  He feels close to our sun and gets simple kicks out of particularly good mileage from a tank or a delicious avocado. When not wielding his 1970 Alfio Batelli viola crafted for Jan Hlinka, Erik employs a multitude of lenses to capture life one frame at a time.  His photographic work may be assessed on his website,